The book “Self-organization – the training process from the perspective of complexity science” presents an innovative approach to training that is at the heart of Catalan clubs such as FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol. The author of the book bases his reading on the experience and scientific work of outstanding specialists such as:

Francisco Seirul·lo (FC Barcelona)
Julio Tous (Juventus Turin, Italian national team, Chelsea London, Inter Milan
Antonio Gomez (FC Barcelona)
Rafa Pol (Spain national team, FC Barcelona, AS Roma)
Dani Parra (RCD Espanyol)

Using the classical paradigm of thinking, the book covers physical preparation, but should we really talk about it in foootball? Francisco Seirul·lo Pep Guardiola’s long-time physical preparation coach, presents fitness structure as one of many.

Comprehensiveness has dominated the 21st century in many areas, and football is no exception. Understanding of football doesn’t just require understanding tactical concepts or a psychological approach to a player – it requires much more holistic understanding.

“To, co jest złożone w piłce nożnej, to nie sama gra, tylko gracze”

Francisco Seirul·lo (Autoorganizacja 2021)

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