In recent years, many books have been written, more and more coaches publish their opinions and thoughts, making information available today very easily. Unfortunately, in many cases, these are only opinions, and as the Spanish coach Juanma Lillo once said, everyone has the right to express an opinion, but not all opinions should be respected. The book I present is based on the science of complexity, which is the basis of creating the foundations of work in clubs from Catalonia. The leaders in it are FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol. The reader will find the perspective of work on which the best in the world rely, but on a daily basis they are overshadowed by team managers. (Francisco Seirullo-FC Barcelona, Julio Tous – Inter Milan, Dani Parra – RCD Espanyol, Rafa Pol – Spain national team). Classically, we could say that the book presents strenght and conditioning aspects but can we really talk about it in football?

The fitness coach who worked with Pep Guardiola for many years, and currently the director of the famous La Masia academy, presents it as a condicional structure – one of eight. If you want to know the foundations on which the best training is based, make a purchase today!